Dietitians in Private Practice in and around Adelaide

We are university qualified Dietitians practicing in Metropolitan Adelaide, South Australia.

We work in all areas of specific dietary management and general nutrition, and we are accredited by the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA).

We provide a quality service consistent with the DAA's codes of Professional Conduct and Ethics, and we observe the Commonwealth Privacy Act in handling health information.

As accredited Dietitians we are able to advise you on dietary management of a variety of problems including weight management, healthy eating, diabetes and childrens' nutrition.


Jane Whitbread – City

Jo Hartley – Southern

Suzanne Flint – North Eastern & Eastern

Julia Triggs – South Eastern

Rhianna Elborough – North Eastern

What is an “APD”?

An APD is professionally trained in nutrition to advise you on your dietary needs.

An APD is a member of the DAA who maintains recognised standards by continuing professional development as required by the Association.